Questions & Answers

Where exactly will the Trier Christmas Market be held?
The Trier Christmas Market is held in the middle of the Trier Old City on the Main Market and on Cathedral Square. Both places are connected by the short Sternstrasse and are located in the pedestrian zone.

Where and when can I obtain current information on the program?
The program for the Trier Christmas Market is available on this homepage and on the Facebook page of the Trier Christmas Market. The Facebook page allows you to share the events with your friends. The program on the Trier Christmas Market is always announced on this website a month before the opening.

Where are there parking places for buses/coaches?
Parking places for buses/coaches are located on the edge of the Old City at the Weberbach/Imperial Baths (parking fee: € 5.00 per hour) as well as outside the downtown area at the fairgrounds in the Moselauen (free parking). More info here.

How do I as an organizer for bus travel obtain advertising material about the Trier Christmas Market?
Pictures and texts are available for organizers for bus travel in the „Press“ section on this homepage. Send us an email request, and we will gladly send you free current flyers. Please give the exact number necessary. Please send your email to:

Where and how do I obtain touristic material about Trier?
On the website of the Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH at All the important information on touristic Trier is available online. If you have questions, please refer to the Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH, Simeonstrasse 60, 54290 Trier, tel. +49 651 978080, email:

Who plans the program for the Trier Christmas Market?
The ARGE Trier Christmas Market cooperates with a Trier event organizer agency. The application for your listing on the program is available on this homepage.

Where can I find restaurants for groups near the Trier Christmas Market?
Four restaurants with capacity for groups are located directly on the Main Market and on Cathedral Square . . . at the two locations of the Trier Christmas Market: the restaurant “Zum Domstein,” the restaurant Cafe “Zur Steipe,”the “Ratskeller Zur Steipe,” and the restaurant “Walderdorffs.” Additional information on restaurants in Trier is available here.

Why is there a German Mulled Wine Queen only in Trier?
The German Mulled Wine Queen is a word/image trademark registered at the Federal Patent Office in Berlin and is held by the ARGE Trier Christmas Market. The appearances are planned in Trier, and her residence is located here between the Main Market and Cathedral Square during the Trier Christmas Market. She is the ambassador for good vintners’ mulled wine. The term of office lasts one year and can be extended once on request.